Morlena Stallions

  Morlena Corach  Reg. No. 59686

Born: 2001

Sire: Morlena Carwyn  Reg. No. 41351  by Craignant Flyer  Reg. No. 17979

Dam: Morlena Cadi Ddu Reg. No. 103790 by Morlena Ifor ap Rhun Reg. No. 37137



                                                                                                                                                              Photograph courtesy of 'The Event Photographer'


Morlena Corach on his first showing outing with Miss Emma Duffy at Dyffryn Ogwen Show, June 2013.

They came away from the show having won their class and taking the 

'Championship' of the Mountain and Moorland Section!

Congratulations and well done Emma!


Emma and Corach at Mostyn Fun Ride, his first ever attempt at a Cross Country Course!

August 2013





Lyfni Rhun

 REG. NO. 26648

(Jaco) The stud's foundation stallion

Born:  1984 - Died: 2003

Sire: Derwen Dewin Reg. No. 9735

Dam: Lyfni Miraim Rg. No.64429  by Twyford Druid Reg. No.15396




Morlena Caradog  

REG. NO. 37138

Born:  1990

Sire:  Castellmai Celt  Reg. No. 22808

Dam:  Morlena Cadi Reg. No. 83091  by Lyfni Rhun Reg. No. 26648

Photo taken at Eifionydd Show, 1992, as a two year old.

Caradog was sold on in 2000, at Llanybydder Market.  We have no idea who bought him or where he went.  He was the sire of Morlena Imran, Champion Under Saddle Cob at the Royal Welsh Show (2007).








REG. NO. 37137

Born: 1990

Sire: Lyfni Rhun  Reg. No. 26628

Dam: Parc Iris Reg. No.69685 by Parc Sir Ivor Reg. No. 17992




Morlena Carwyn (aka Diablo)



        Carwyn 'doing his thing' at  a show display                           Carwyn on the set of the BBC's 'Merlin'




Carwyn filming the Hollywood epic 'Warhorse' 



            'Diablo' the fantastic blind horse!                                    Carwyn on the set of an other Hollywood 

                                                                                          blockbuster film 'Snow White and the Huntsman .                                           

Morlena Carwyn  REG. NO. 41351


Sire: Craignant Flyer Reg. No. 17979

Dam: Morlena Cadi Reg. No. 83091  by Lyfni Rhun Reg.No. 26648

Carwyn, aka Diablo, was sold on to Mr. Dylan Jones, Horse-master of the Dolbadarn Film Horses from Llanberis in 2001.  As part of this team, Carwyn has been trained in trick riding (Cossack style), driving, and classical equitation, appearing in several TV and film productions.  He also participates in trick riding exhibitions/displays throughout the country, and recently appeared in a feature in 'Your Horse' magazine, (2013).


Morlena Caleb











Morlena Caleb   Reg. No. 46435

Sire: Tawelfan Brenin Ap Dafydd 34052  by Brenin Dafydd  4639

Dam: Morlena Cadi 83091 by Lyfni Rhun 2664

Caleb sadly passed away this spring, 2013.

 He was owned by Mr David Baird of the Bairdmore Stud.

Morlena Caleb at Harrowgate Mps Area 4

Caleb  had a very successful season during 2010, consistently in the ribbons

and winning a WPCS Bronze Rosette.  (My Boy!!!!)


Morlena Casper

Morlena Casper

Born: 24.04.01

Sire:  Morlena Carwyn  Reg. No. 41351  by Craignant Flyer Reg. No. 17979

Dam: Morlena Cleo Reg. No. 94257 by Lyfni Rhun Reg. No. 26648

Casper, or 'Ceffyl melyn' as he is also known is now owned by Miss Suzie York, Halifax.  They have become a successful team together, competing and winning in shows all over the country, Casper has also started a new career as a model!  Modelling rugs and bridles for the '' website!  


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